Using SSL HTTPS with cherrypy 3.2.0 Example

It took me more time than it should have to piece together the right bits of current information for using SSL with cherrypy. Here’s a fully working example of cherrypy 3.2.0 serving up HTTPS requests.

Quick notes – if you haven’t tried cherrypy, do it. It’s awesome in its simplicity. Also, I got my SSL cert from godaddy, which was the cheapest I found. This particular cert uses a certificate chain, so when all is said and done we have my_cert.crt, my_cert.key, and gd_bundle.crt.

import cherrypy

class RootServer:
    def index(self, **keywords):
        return "it works!"

if __name__ == '__main__':
        'server.socket_host': '',



Launch the server like:

sudo python

You need to use sudo because it runs on port 443. You should be asked to “Enter PEM pass phrase” that you set when generating your key.

Update: In a follow-up post I show how you run an HTTPS server (port 443) and an HTTP server (port 80) at the same time.